Eashan Dasgupta

Email: eashaandasgupta@gmail.com
Phone: +971 54 4934474

About Me

My strongest characteristics are my versatility and ability to adapt to any situation. Critical thinking and social awareness are the other traits beyond art, that shape my thought process and conceptualization. My goals are to cultivate and work with a diverse community of artists in the UAE, and to one day be a thought leader in this region.

My cultural background and beliefs play a huge role in my art and make it unique from the art of others and something I take strong pride in. I am a collaborative member and someone who is easy to approach and ask for any assistance. I can also assume roles of leadership as a means of moving outside of my comfort zone.

A Few Highlights of My Journey

Recent Portfolio


"I express my deep appreciation for the youngest artist Eashan Dasgupta of UAE for his outstanding performance is Art & Design. I would keep Eashan’s art in my palace and not in museum so that people see it”
His Excellency Suhail Muhammad Al Zarooni
"As an young artist Eashan's works are unique and great. I love the mix of antique and modern. He will really do well in future."
Peter Gressman
Art Critic & Curator Founder Art Forum, UAE
"Eashan is a great artist, content creator and genuinely believes in the power of art. I am sure with his abilities and work he will be able to create a positive impact in the society."
Fahad Alamoudi
Marketing Director
Former Cisco, Orange Business Services, USA
“Eashan is a highly talented artist who creates art that tells stories through color and emotion. He's dedicated to his craft and always striving to improve, which is reflected in the quality of his work.”
Priyobrata Chatterjee
Former Head of Data Science Meta Platforms Inc., USA
"Eashan is an amazing artist and has always been extremely dedicated to his craft, demonstrating his drive for excellence."
Wissam Kamal Eddine
CEO & Founder Wainsk Smart Hospitals, UAE
"Eahan’s work has the power to touch hearts, spark conversations, and transform the way we see the world. Dear Eashan, keep creating, keep pushing yourself, and never stop pursuing your passion. You are truly 'CREATIVE' artist"
Sugat Priyadarshi
HOD Arts Teacher,
JSS International School UAE
"Eashan is a deep thinker. His endless thirst for knowledge, combined with his dedication and willingness to take risks, leads me to believe that there will be no limit to his growth and achievements in college and beyond"
Chitra Sudhakaran,
Art Educator
Former Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum and Al Shindagha Museum, UAE
"I have seen Eashan evolve not only as an artist, but also as a genuine human being. He has grown with his conceptual ability alongside his technical ability as well as balancing his art with other areas of his academics and life. He has a brilliant future and will make UAE proud through his presence and contribution."
Jigna Trivedi, Art Teacher
Styles & Strokes, UAE